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Hi Gorgeous!

Thankyou for requesting the SEVEN SECRETS TO SELF LOVE.

Did you feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from your mother or father as a child?  If not, it's highly likely you don't LOVE YOURSELF.


And when you don't LOVE YOURSELF, you feel like you're never good enough.  You lack confidence, your relationships are a disaster and you have this feeling that life was meant to be so much more fun!

When your life is lacking in LOVE you find yourself living in FEAR.

Because LOVE is the opposite of FEAR.  When we are living in FEAR, we cannot be living in LOVE.

Where are you living in fear?


Where are you playing small?

What would you be doing today if you weren't scared to do it?

What would your life be like?

Isn’t it crazy how much fear keeps us living a small, boring life?

Our childhood, our past experiences keep us in fear.  And fear keeps us living as a version of ourselves we think will be more acceptable.  Our fear keeps us safe... and SMALL.


But that isn't YOU.  That's just a perfect, pleasing and palatable version of you that is exhausting to maintain.

Self love is all about discovering who you really are at your core.  


It's about peeling back the layers to see who you are underneath the judgement and expectation you have been carrying with you for so long.  From your mother, your father... everyone!

When you remember who you are - you will set yourself FREE!  YOU WILL LIVE IN FREEDOM!


You will feel light, joyful, excited, connected.  You will feel ON FIRE IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY! 

The first secret to HAPPINESS is self love.


I want to help YOU live in self love.  Because it changes EVERYTHING!  I am leading women all over the world to live in their FREEDOM.  Their TRUTH.  With full permission to be THEMSELVES.


I help you see through the expectation, judgement and BS beliefs about who you are... and uncover the truth (hint: she's AH-MA-ZING!)


Come and find out about my signature 1:1 container THE SELF LOVE INITIATION where I am holding women in love as they learn to love themselves.  ALSO, make sure you JOIN MY FREE GROUP HERE so we can hang out! 


Enjoy The Seven Secrets to Self Love.  See below.

Sending love gorgeous!

Dawn X

The Seven Secrets To Self Love

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