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Hello, Gorgeous!

I am Dawn Chitty, Transformational teacher and mentor to women, creator of The Self Love Initiation and host of the How My Parents Raised Me podcast and I'm here to TAKE A STAND FOR YOU!  Beautiful heart-centred you.  Because YOU are worth standing up for.

YOU are totally unique.  You were born here with one job...to be yourself.  Because there is only one of you!  It's no fluke that you aren't like every other woman, because you are your own secret sauce.  But as women we are SO conditioned to take on the judgement, expectation and deep conditioning of parents, family, friends... EVERYONE!  We are so conditioned to play within this tiny framework of rules and boundaries that THEY deem acceptable. 


And you find yourself SO FAR AWAY from the truth of who you really are... you don't even know yourself any more. 


And your only job was to live as you!... your most connected, heart-centred and magical self.  Because the world NEEDS THAT.  


And it's exhausting!

Do you feel INVISIBLE and VOICELESS, living your life for OTHERS, playing by EVERYONE else’s RULES? Do you catch yourself daydreaming about YOUR DREAM LIFE?  The life you used to think was guaranteed?  The life you used to get so excited about?  ...

Seriously, you get to choose the life you live...

But first you need to remember WHO YOU ARE...

You are worthy

You are lovable
You are divine
You are whole

You are unique 

You are exceptional

You are brave

You are a GODDESS!

You are a QUEEN!

and more than anything...

You are YOU!

You are your own brilliance!  don't ever believe you need to be like anyone else!

You DESERVE to live the life you were destined for.  NOT the life you have created out of other people's expectations, judgements and toxicity.



Your capacity to live in real joy
is limitless

I am obsessed with helping heart-centered women to find their self worth.  Because understanding your value is truly life-changing.  Believe me.  With my guidance, you will take a journey through truth to love as you connect-in with who you truly are (and maybe for the first time too!). Learn to use your voice, take up space, trust yourself and understand that you deserve to have EVERYTHING YOU WANT, without guilt, shame or exhaustion.  It's time to PUT YOU FIRST! It's time to walk your TRUE PATH, stand in your power and feel calm, confident and connected.

When you find your true self and live as that true self, you will avoid years of unwellness, both physical and mental.  You will avoid living as a FAKE, TIRED, PLEASING VERSION OF YOURSELF who puts on a smile as she leaves the house everyday whilst slowly dying inside. 


Avoid the exhaustion of living as the person you think you should be, instead of the truly AMAZING WOMAN YOU ARE.

This is an invitation to learn from someone who knows this path deeply and has gone before you. I am working with women who are READY FOR CHANGE... who are ready for MORE!  Open yourself up to some DEEP FEMININE GUIDANCE.  Heal your soul, revive your spirit and connect in with JOY.


Here's how to get started...

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You are the DIVINE RULER of your life. 


Where does the journey go from here? You get to choose beautiful!

It's time to live POWERFULLY ON PURPOSE, on YOUR TERMS and in the most beautiful ways possible.

With love,


Dawn x

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