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Leading transformational teacher and mentor to women
who want to live as their true selves 

in divine power, self-love and abundance.
Dawn Chitty Truth Activator leading women into their deepest self-love and most divine per

SELF love 


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Inside every woman is a goddess who is
confident, calm and clear on her calling

This 90 day experience will give you the confidence

to be the WOMAN you've always wanted to be.

STEP UP, take what you NEED, put yourself FIRST

and live the ultimate FREEDOM.

THE FREEDOM TO BE YOU! in every area of your life. 

SET YOUR LIFE ON FIRE… in a really good way!

THE UNAPOLOGETIC (3)_edited.png
THE UNAPOLOGETIC (3)_edited.png


Hi gorgeous!

I'm so excited you're here! 


​I'm excited because I know you are ready for change.  You might not realise it yet, but you've landed here for a reason. 

Did you feel unconditional love from your mother and father as a child?  If not, it's highly likely you don't LOVE YOURSELF.  

lt's about finding your true self

and being your true self

And feeling unloved means you never feel good enough.  You lack confidence.  There's this persistent vague feeling there's something wrong with you. Your relationships are out of alignment and you thought life was going to be so much more amazing than this.

Do people take you for granted? Does your mother still think she runs your life? Does your best friend go missing when you need her most?

If it's hard to remember back to a time when you felt really in control of your life, when you had a voice, felt strong and confident.  When you didn't accept bad behavior just to keep the peace,

then it's your time for change.

The first secret to HAPPINESS is falling in love with yourself.


The secret is finding your true self and being your true self.


The reason you've given your power away is because you don't value yourself.  You don't see your worth.  You don't love yourself.  And the reason you don't love yourself is because you were taught that you were not valuable by the people who were supposed to love you the most.  Your parents.


That lack of love affects everything.  We become so busy burying our dreams, our needs, our voice because who are we to have them? and so we hold it all in with a smile and excruciating lower back pain, or stomach issues or whatever else is keeping you from falling apart. 

If you felt your mother didn't love you,

you probably don't love yourself



But you know without question you were meant for more than this.  You're smart, sassy, you have something to say!  You have a big heart and you give too much! 


You have a soul that is aching for more!  Those dreams and desires stirring in your heart are there for a reason and you are so ready to live a more expansive life.  You are so ready to live in your truth.  You are so ready for joy!  No shame, no guilt, no playing small. 




No longer spending your days drowning in the judgement, expectation and toxic programming of your parents, family, friends... everyone.


You feel that life is good enough.  In fact sometimes you feel guilty for thinking you deserve more.  I get it.  This was me too. 

Inside every woman is a goddess who is

confident, calm and clear on her calling.



But seriously, you have to know this... THERE IS MORE!  There is an entire life waiting for you right on the other side of fear.  Don't let anything hold you back from living a life of FREEDOM!  Don't let anyone hold you back from JOY... not your mother, your father, your ex, your boss, your friends.  All the people whose voices you have been conditioned to believe are more important than YOUR VOICE.

  • Are you STILL trying to be pleasing? 

  • Feeling INVISIBLE & VOICELESS just like you did as a child? 

  • Feeling stuck playing by other people's RULES instead of making your OWN RULES? 


  • Do you feel like there HAS TO BE MORE?

  • Do you catch yourself daydreaming about a PARALLEL UNIVERSE where you no longer accept other people’s BAD BEHAVIOUR? Where there is no more exhaustion, self-doubt and brain fog?  Where you stand up confidently knowing EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE.  Flourishing in an incredible life created BY YOU, FOR YOU!  A life immersed in truth, love, connection, joy.  


Are you desperate for someone to recognise that you are actually a freaking amazing GODDESS and bring the limo round to transport you back to your ACTUAL life.  The life you SHOULD be living?


If that’s a YES, gorgeous, I’m here to tell you IT IS POSSIBLE.  I have been there and I did that exact life for years!  Listening to the voices telling me I was not enough.  Making me believe I needed to be palatable, perfect and pleasing.  And when you decide to take a step towards change I can promise you, there is SO MUCH MORE FOR YOU IN THIS LIFETIME.

It's telling the universe

'my time of self denial is now over’


Your time is now.  It's time to embark on an epic journey to reclaim the life you were born for. You were not born to live a small, controlled, anxiety ridden life.  You were born for ABUNDANCE!  You were born for MAGIC!  UNLEASH YOUR POWER, HEAL YOUR SPIRIT and CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE before it’s too late! 

It's time to SET YOUR LIFE ON FIRE… in a really good way!

Get ready to relax into what’s meant for you as you reach the dizzying heights of your true potential, your wildest freedom!  It’s time to rise from the ashes and ascend into the awesome life you deserve!

This process is so divine.  This outcome is so divine.

Everything in your life can change in such a short time.

It’s about….finding your true self and being your true self.  That’s the true path to freedom.

Inside every woman is a GODDESS who is confident, calm and clear on her calling.

She is bold and unapologetically powerful.

She trusts abundance and manifests the life she desires in alignment with her dreams.  Her purpose.


And this is what I want for you.


Choosing to gift yourself The Self Love Initiation is telling the universe ‘my time of self denial is now over’


‘My time for confidence, love, personal power and joy has arrived'.


​If you have been wondering if there’s more to life than this... that’s your inner wisdom speaking.  Don’t ignore it beautiful!


Imagine this...


waking up every morning knowing you are living as the confident, heart-centred GODDESS you were born to be.

In love with this new YOU who can speak her truth and get exactly what she needs.

loving that you are no longer caught up in a toxic spin cycle of self-hate, judgement and brain fog.



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THE UNAPOLOGETIC (2)_edited_edited_edited.png
THE UNAPOLOGETIC (2)_edited_edited_edited.png
THE UNAPOLOGETIC (2)_edited_edited_edited.png
THE UNAPOLOGETIC (2)_edited_edited_edited.png
THE UNAPOLOGETIC (2)_edited_edited_edited.png
THE UNAPOLOGETIC (2)_edited_edited_edited.png
THE UNAPOLOGETIC (2)_edited_edited_edited.png

IDENTIFY AND TRANSFORM who you are and how you show up in the world.  It's about finding your true self and being your true self.  It's time to shift into a confident, self-assured woman who feels DEEPLY WORTHY and deserving of having EVERYTHING SHE WANTS!  Understand the power you hold to live life on YOUR TERMS!

BE TRUE to yourself in every area of your life.  Allow yourself to TAKE UP SPACE, use your authentic and exquisite VOICE.  Say what you need to say and make decisions that are right for YOU.

Choose you! you are important!

TRUST yourself deeply as you peel back the mask that has been in place for too long.  Connect to your inner goddess and uplevel your personal power.  See yourself for the exquisite soul you are.  Feel ALIVE and more YOU than you’ve ever felt in your entire life!

RELEASE old beliefs and stories that you’ve held onto for years. It’s time UNLEARN the self-criticism that has kept you paralysed and small. Feel deep EASE within your mind, body and spirit as you vibrantly radiate ALL of who you are.


ENOUGH of the drama and toxicity from the people around you.  It has no place in your life any more.  Accept only DEEPLY RESPECTFUL, safe and supportive relationships with people who nourish and stand with you.  Become clear, calm and beautifully connected to yourself and others.

It's time to sit back on your throne queen!



LIVE  from a deeper connection with yourself than you've ever known before.  Become fully aligned with expressing WHAT YOU NEED and getting those needs met consistently.  Be seen, heard and valued.  CHOOSE YOU!  You are IMPORTANT. 


CREATE a new reality rooted in abundance, confidence and connection.  Feel strong, unapologetically powerful and deeply confident and connected to WHO YOU ARE and how you live your life.  Allow love, joy and CELEBRATION!  Allow DESTINY.  Your life is bigger and filled with light.  It’s time to sit back on your throne QUEEN! And it feels INCREDIBLE.

  The truth is...

that behind the woman 

with the smile & the beautiful heart

is a warrior, with a heart on fire, 

who has a voice, an opinion,

desires, needs and dreams

and it's time to live as her...

the truest, most liberated version of you

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THE UNAPOLOGETIC (2)_edited.jpg
THE UNAPOLOGETIC (2)_edited.jpg
THE UNAPOLOGETIC (2)_edited.jpg
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       6 X 1 HOUR SELF LOVE POWER MODULES over 3 months 



A magical reveal.  A beautiful exploration.  Who are you?  What do you believe about yourself?  Is it true?  In this module you will begin your journey to TRUTH and discover the power and magic of WHO YOU REALLY ARE! (Hint: she is AH-MAZ-ING!)



Leave the past behind.  The events and people that have broken you. Ditch the shame, blame and toxicity game.  Deeply and clearly see your VALUE.  Stop giving your power away.  It’s time to release, release, RELEASE!  YOU DECIDE how your life plays out each day.



Your truest self, your inner child is sitting in darkness after a lifetime of neglect.  You are here for her now.  Understand how to nourish, love and speak with her so you can heal together.  Transform her into a SPARKLING BRIGHT SHINING LIGHT! changing time and space. 



Which parts of you do you hate?  To live like a true GODDESS you need to love all parts of you WITHOUT QUESTION!  Free yourself!  Find those parts and bring them back to LOVE.  



It’s time to connect deeply with your TRUE SELF!  TRUST yourself, HEAR yourself, listen to your INTUITION and connect with your highest self.  You have limitless potential.  Become open to the possibilities.  Create a new reality of deep connection and love!



If you have spent your entire life trying to fit in we are going to UNLEARN that. It’s time to STAND OUT!  Take up space.  Be the CEO of your own life.  Shine your light and BE one hundred percent WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE!  It’s time to celebrate the unique, powerful and divinely delicious woman you are!

        6 X 1 HOUR 1:1 SESSIONS WITH ME over 3 months

On alternate weeks to our SELF LOVE POWER MODULES  I hold deep sacred space for you as you allow yourself to connect, question and release in a safe container.



to ensure you are fully supported.

        WEEKLY activations to build momentum and ensure accountability and radical change. 

        1 X DEEP SELF LOVE MANIFESTATION TRACK This STUNNING track works on your subconscious mind to clear resistance, limiting beliefs, old patterns and outdated identities.  Custom-made specifically for this container, this track will allow you to upgrade into self love and freedom faster and integrate the work you do here so much easier.

These manifestation tracks have been featured in high-level masterminds worldwide and afford you:-

Deeper Levels of confidence in who you are

Safety to be seen and show up authentically

Self trust, acceptance, belief, power

Allows your goddess energy to shine powerfully through! 

(This container includes a total of 6 x 1:1 and 6 x video sessions over 12 weeks).

I stand for women

who are SO DONE with the bs, 

the judgement, the toxicity.

Women who have had enough of playing 

perfect, palatable and pleasing and are

ready to RISE and BE

the woman she was BORN TO BE

Remembering who I am
has been a complete
revelation for me

YOU ARE ENOUGH_edited.png

Now is seriously time YOUR TIME.

The Self Love Initiation is for you
if you are done playing small and you are ready to create a new reality rooted in abundance, confidence, connection, joy and excitement.

Book in for a chat so that we can see if this container is right for you.
I am a heart-centred, intuitive & empathic teacher and mentor to women 
and I am ready to hold you, guide you, love you and show you the way back to YOU. 

Click below to book.

Let's make magical new beginnings together XX



These days I am awake and ready to CATCH THE SUNRISE, energised and excited to take on the day.  But just a few short years ago it was a completely different story. 

these days I am awake and ready to catch the sunrise

For years of my life I was exhausted.  I would wake up feeling ANXIOUS.  My mind racing and OVERTHINKING before I’d opened my eyes, feeling nauseous for the day ahead.  I had no idea I was living my life according to SO MANY VOICES.  My father’s voice from childhood. The voice of judgemental friends and family, the media, society, all telling me I was NOT ENOUGH ON REPEAT.  I was exhausted, unwell, depressed.  I struggled with chronic fatigue, neck and back pain, constant infections, allergies, digestive issues and anxiety.  I thought something was wrong with my body and spent years and thousands of dollars searching for answers at the doctor’s office.  Whenever one issue would be resolved, another would pop right up. 

I was living my life according to so many voices


My health was a constant spiral of one disaster after another.  Until one summer, I went on a long vacation and my physical health improved dramatically.  I discovered the reason behind my health issues... it wasn’t my body at all.  It was my MIND.

It wasn't my body at all... it was my mind


Because, for decades I bent and shape-shifted into whoever those voices were telling me I NEEDED TO BE.   I was always ready with a smile, when inside I felt like a different person altogether.  A smaller, less important version.  I was not in control of my life.  I was not living AS MY TRUE SELF.


Once I realised how much I was suffering whilst trying to please others, I started a journey back to me.  To find my true self and be my true self.  I profoundly transformed my life.  And I am here to show you how to do the same.

Most of what we believe about ourselves is not true


What I’ve learnt is simple.  Most of what we believe about ourselves is not true.  It is other people’s beliefs, judgements and trauma.  What is very clear to me now is that I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH.  I can have EVERYTHING I WANT.  I hold all the POWER in my life.  I can use my VOICE, take up SPACE and live an epic life CREATED BY ME, FOR ME.  A life I truly desire.….And guess what? ...you can too!  Because the truth is that you ARE ENOUGH.  You are unique and powerful and truly amazing.  But perhaps you’re feeling stuck.  Perhaps you’ve been silencing your true desires and ignoring what YOU NEED for so long now, that you can’t remember how to authentically express yourself anymore.

The truth is...you are enough

My divine process for supporting you is guided by my intuitive gifts and lifelong healing journey. I am a teacher, mentor and divine space holder.  Importantly, I combine these attributes with practical strategies that bring you into your highest, most POTENT PERSONAL POWER.

With my guidance, you will learn to see yourself as the amazing GODDESS you truly are (and maybe for the first time too!)  I will lead you on a TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY to trusting yourself, hearing your intuition loud and clear and living in your highest vibration.

I will lead you on a transformative journey


It’s time to get the support you need to fully THRIVE. This is an invitation to learn from someone who knows the path and has gone before you. I am working with women who are done playing small and who are ready for CHANGE.  Open yourself up to some deep feminine guidance, heal your soul and revive your spirit.  When you choose YOU, you are telling the universe I am ready.  It's time to set your life on fire in the best way possible.


Nourish yourself, so you can COME ALIVE as you dance to the beat of your own MAGIC.  It’s time to be seen, shine and SOAR!  The world is waiting for you. LET’S DO THIS GORGEOUS!


...from feeling supported & seen to having a place to open up and share my story.

Working with Dawn was so wonderful for me. She provided the space necessary for me to feel safe in sharing my story. Her approach is gentle yet focused with the loving intent needed to explore the depths of my story. I will be forever grateful we connected! She is someone who truly cares and is making a difference! Thank you, Dawn!   - VICTORIA


...held and honoured

Dawn has the ability to hold space for us to vulnerably share with raw exploration. I felt held and honoured as Dawn facilitated a beautiful unfolding of my story in a way that felt authentic to me and my experience. It was a wonderful opportunity that I feel so privileged to have been a part of. Thank you Dawn  - MEL


Dawn is warm, empathetic and truly passionate about helping the world. It was a real pleasure connecting with her. - KAVITA

...she just has that quality that puts people at ease

My experience connecting with Dawn was so cathartic. Dawn was able to hold space for me to speak my most intimate moments. She guided and showed compassion. It truly was a beautiful experience. I felt like I was talking to someone I’d known forever. She just has that quality that puts people at ease. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to speak my truth with someone so generous and kind.  - LAUREN

Thank you so much for your good work!  Thankyou for putting light into dark places - KEILA


...empowering and grounding

Working with Dawn, I felt instantly at ease. She has a calming presence that meant everything to me. I felt safe and connected with Dawn whilst discussing some emotional topics. An empowering, grounding experience all round.  - EMMA


You truly have no idea what your beautiful words mean to me, especially today.  So much love and respect for you Dawn.  - MK


...Dawn creates a safe space, feeling seen and heard

From the moment we connected I felt very seen and heard. Dawn has an innate ability to make you feel at ease and creates a safe space to nurture the vulnerability required when speaking your truth. I'd recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Dawn. Truly.  - MICHAILA

You are amazing…your power is so strong.  You are pure energy….love and motivation.  - TZ

...deep empathy and nurturing

Dawn does an amazing job at creating a safe space for hard, important truths and conversations to come into focus. She balances deep empathy and an overall nurturing presence. The gifts of transparency and courageous communication are their own sacred medicines. Thank you, Dawn! 



I Finally understand that I grew up in a family devoid of love. Thank you so much for bringing all of these things to the forefront for people who are so lost. Thank you for what you do! It helps more than you know!  - GN


...Dawn leads with kindness and support

This was such an amazing experience. Dawn leads with kindness and support and creates a safe place to do so. Super inspirational, supportive, and healing!  - AUNIA


WILL SEE THE TRUTH OF YOU... the depths of your heart and soul as I support you with the love and guidance you need to have beautiful breakthroughs that propel you into the life you dream of.

UNDERSTANDS what it's like to be broken, depressed and emotionally exhausted and drowning under the weight of feeling hopeless and helpless.


IS A POWERFUL TEACHER with the ability to potently share my work with you so you understand how to apply changes at the deepest level.

HAS BEEN DEEPLY IMMERSED in coaching and personal development for over 10 years.

WILL EMPOWER YOU to go from feeling the fear, to feeling the love so you can move ahead with clarity, deep confidence and stunning soul alignment.


IS A DIVINE HEALER who has the ability to stand alongside you as you call in your light, your magic and your deepest sublime healing.


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